Lucie Rie: The Adventure of Pottery


ISBN: 9781904561767
Artist(s): Lucie Rie
Author(s): Edited by Andrew Nairne and Eliza Spindel
Format: paperback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: April 2023
Publisher: Kettle's Yard
Total Pages: 240
Illustrations: Lavishly illustrated

Artist(s) Biographies:

1 available

Published to coincide with the exhibition Lucie Rie: The Adventure of Pottery, showing at Kettle’s Yard from March 2023. Comprehensive new title on Lucie Rie; currently only a handful of books in print about her. Reflects current trends/interests in studio pottery, mid-century modern style, women artists

Lucie Rie (1902–1995) is one of the finest modern potters of the 20th century. Born and trained in Vienna, her successful early career came to a halt in 1938 when forced to leave Austria to escape the persecution of Jewish people. In exile in London, Rie established a new workshop and over five decades created highly individual bowls, vases and tableware which continue to amaze and inspire today.

With over 150 photographs and five new essays, Lucie Rie: The Adventure of Pottery celebrates an exceptional life of creative invention and experiment.

With texts by Edmund de Waal, Tanya Harrod, Helen Ritchie, Eliza Spindel, Kimberley Chandler and Nigel Wood.

This Title will be released on 7 April 2023


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