Matrix 34

Artist(s): Various
Format: paperback
Year published: 2016
Publisher: The Whittington Press
Publisher Location: Risbury
Total Pages: 168
Illustrations: Illustrated


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Matrix 34 encompasses a wide variety of topics, united by its primary interest in printing by letterpress, from metal type. This preoccupation can take many forms, and includes this year:

Printing at a small west-country newspaper using a Monotype caster and a Wharfdale cylinder press; the extraordinary archive of the Officina Bodoni; an insider account of the Westerham Press, the most technically innovative, and amongst the most typographically aware, printers of its time; setting poetry on a Ludlow caster; the inter-reaction of pottery and letter-cutting; selling and installing Wharfdale presses in the 60s and 70s; learning to cut a punch from one of its few remaining practitioners; an untypical warm correspondence with Edward Bawden; a little-known Polish private press in pre-war Florence, using Nicholas Cochin types; working for Gordon Russell; Matisse and the books he created in Paris with Tériade; Stinehour Press and Meriden Gravure; and much else besides.


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