Mervyn Peake: My Eyes Mint Gold

ISBN: 9781585672110
Artist(s): Mervyn Peake
Author(s): Malcolm Yorke
Format: Hardback
Year published: 2002
Publisher: Overlook Press
Publisher Location: New York
Total Pages: 364
Illustrations: Illustrated in black and white

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Famously witty, eccentric, widely popular, and attractive to women, Peake was also sturdily independent of the literary and artistic movements of his day and achieved cult status even before his early death in 1968. Malcolm Yorke brings us the first objective biography of this brilliant figure, written with the Peake family’s full cooperation. With access to letters, photographs, and drawings never previously published, Yorke charts a life often shadowed by mental turmoil and worry, yet always, until its tragic end, relieved by Peake’s quirky humor and ceaseless creativity.

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