Michael Morgan RI

ISBN: 1841145521
Artist(s): Michael Morgan
Author(s): Michael Morgan
Format: hardback
Edition: New Revised and Enlarged Edition
Year published: 2004
Publisher: Halsgrove
Total Pages: 160


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Few contemporary art books have met with so much popular acclaim as the first edition of Michael Morgan RI. In less than a year the book
was sold out and the clamour for a new edition was universal. This presented an opportunity to produce a new and bigger book, providing a
further valuable insight into the evolving work of this exciting artist. While retaining a substantial part of the original, this edition includes over
thirty new paintings, illustrating the direction of the artist’s most recent work. In total over 120 paintings are included, along with pages from the artist’s sketchbooks, musing from critics and the artist’s own comments on his work and inspirations. Fine 


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