Miquel Barceló (2007)

ISBN: 9788861300378
Artist(s): Miquel Barceló
Author(s): Rudy Chiappini (Editor)
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2007
Publisher: Skira Editore
Total Pages: 228
Illustrations: Lavishly illustrated


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This book is an exhibition catalogue and a long-waited monograph on one of the most important contemporary artists working today. Barceló’s artistic journey is explored through the themes that have marked his work over a period of more than twenty years, and these include: Ateliers, Portraits, Still life, Crucifixions, Bullfights and Sea Landscapes. His his subjects are first and foremost intentionally autobiographical – Barceló depicts himself as he paints, alluding to the role of the demiurge incarnated as artist – or are inspired by daily life (still life, portraits, landscapes). Experimenting using different artistic techniques enables Barceló to represent and present the reality of the world, captured in its essentiality and truth, free from the superfluous and depicted showing the constant flux of life and death. The book is divided into two parts: 6 essays chapters that describe Miquel Barcelò chronology in terms of his stylistic and technical development, and the catalogue of about 60 works.

Condition: very good.


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