My Town : An Artist’s Life in London


ISBN: 9781846149757
Artist(s): David Gentleman
Format: hardback
Year published: 2020
Publisher: Particular Books
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 288
Illustrations: Illustrated

Artist(s) Biographies:

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Accompanied by reflections on the process of drawing and personal thoughts on the ever-changing city, this is a celebration of London, and the joy of noticing, looking and capturing the world. ‘David has spent a lifetime depicting with wit and affection a London he has made his own’ Alan Bennett ‘He delivers a poetry of exultant concentration … The surface fusion of the sensuous and the sharply modern is echoed by Gentleman’s imagery’ Guardian ‘The artist and illustrator has been responsible for some of the most-seen public artworks in this country’ The Times ‘Perhaps the last of the great polymath designer-painters’ Camden New Journal

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