OU Sound Poetry: an anthology

Artist(s): Henri Chopin
Author(s): Amirkhanian, Charles, Bekaert, Jacques. Chopin, Henri et al
Format: hardback
Year published: 2006
Publisher: Alga Marhen
Illustrations: Illustrated


1 available

Number 135 of an edition of 1500 copies. Cardboard decorated slipcase housing several illustrated texts and four CD’s containing the complete recordings of the “revue 02” .Ake Hodell, Bengt Emil Johnson, Bob Cobbing, Brion Gysin, Charles Amirkhanian,
François Dufrêne, Gil J Wolman, Henri Chopin, Hugh Davies, J.A. da Silva, Jacques Bekaert,
Ladislav Novak, Mimmo Rotella, Paul de Vree, Raoul Hausmann, Sten Hanson, William Burroughs,

Condition: Fine



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