‘Paradise’ Wood Engraving by Paul Nash


Artist(s): Paul Nash
Medium: Wood Engraving
Framed: no
Print Size: 13.5cm (h) x 9cm (w)
Paper Size: 22cm (h) x 19cm (w)

Artist(s) Biographies:

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Original wood engraving by Paul Nash (1928). From an edition of 45. This is one of the trial proofs taken from the original block in the V & A by Ian Mortimer for Garton and Cooke in 1985

‘The engraving shows Nash’s true mastery of his medium, the sense of space and airiness is quite unusual and conveys the effortless atmosphere of luxury, and one-ness with nature. Here Nash trancends the conventional uses of line engraving and cross-hatching, reversing black on white, and white on black in order to include the optimum number of scenes without sacrificing clarity, or the overall balance of the design.’


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