Raymond Mason

ISBN: 9780500092453
Artist(s): Raymond Mason
Author(s): Michael Edwards
Format: Hardback
Year published: First published 1994
Publisher: Thames and Hudson
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 256
Illustrations: 193 Illustrations, 78 in colour


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The paintings and sculptures of Raymond Mason never fail to attract a crowd. Often conceived on a large scale, his art – including paintings, drawings, colourful high and low reliefs and sculpture – has a direct universal appeal. He depicts busy street scenes, and familiar landscapes. Freezing moments from everyday life and creating dramatic and highly effective tableaux. Experimenting unceasingly with new sculptural forms, Mason explores the limits of realism and figuration itself.

Working in Paris since 1946, Mason, a friend of Giacometti, Balthus and Bacon, has gained an international reputation for his work. Here for the first time, his major works are brought together and illustrated in over 190 superb photographs. Critic Michael Edwards provides an introduction to both the man and his art, and sets his sculpture into an international artistic context.


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