Rembrandt’s Orient: West Meets East in Dutch Art of the 17th Century (2020)

ISBN: 9783791359632
Artist(s): Rembrandt
Author(s): Ortrud Westheider (Author, Editor), Josef Helfenstein (Author, Editor), Bodo Brinkmann (Author, Editor), Michael Philipp
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2020
Publisher: Prestel
Total Pages: 264
Illustrations: Lavishly illustrated

£39.99 £16.95

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In the 17th century, Amsterdam was a vibrant hub of the burgeoning European trade with Asia, Africa, and the Levant, importing copious amounts of foreign items that powerfully stimulated the imagination of numerous Dutch artists. This was notably the case with Rembrandt, whose curiosity and voraciousness as a collector were legendary in his time. Throughout his prolific career, he drew on Eastern influences in genres as diverse as history painting and portraiture, including depictions in which he himself adopted Oriental styled attire. This lavishly illustrated book explores the inventive ways in which Rembrandt and his contemporaries accommodated Eastern imagery into their own repertoire, set within the wider context of Holland’s rapidly expanding commercial and cultural exchange with its non-European trading partners.

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