Sellers of Dreams : Fifty years of the advertising of beauty products 1920-1970

ISBN: 9781916384521
Author(s): Ruth Artmonsky
Format: paperback
Year published: 2020
Publisher: Artmonsky Arts
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 284
Illustrations: Includes 284 colour illustrations.

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From the latter part of the 19th century there was a fever of experiment resulting in the development of what were to become brand-named beauty products. Some manufacturers were generally interested in producing ‘healthy’ products that could beautify without harming; others were chancers climbing on the band wagon. Most beauty product manufacturers started with one or two specialised products – for the hair or nails or skin – but eventually all involved in the beauty industry seemed to be selling everything – from lipsticks to false eye lashes; minnows in the industry were swallowed up by whales.

Advertising for beauty products moved with social trends – from flapper girl to Carnaby Street Twiggy lookalikes. Gullible consumers were offered solutions to achieving their dreams – to look forever young, to attract attention, to land Mr. or Mrs. Right. Sellers of Dreams charts the advertiser’s skills in promising dreams would come true.

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