Sex, Sense and Nonsense: Felicity Green on the 60’s Fashion Scene (2014)

ISBN: 9781851497737
Artist(s): Felicity Green
Author(s): Felicity Green (Author) , Barbara Hulanicki (Author)
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2014
Publisher: ACC Art Books
Total Pages: 192
Illustrations: Profusely illustrated

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Felicity Green brought a new, original voice and look to the fashion pages of the ’60s’ Daily Mirror. For the first time in newspaper history she created fashion pages designed to appeal to both sexes as the circulation soared to more than 5 million copies a day. Great pictures, great photographers, top designers, top models – Felicity made these Swinging ’60s fashion stories FUN! bringing the glamour and style of glossy magazines to the Mirror.

These award-winning pages broke the fashion mould and captured the stellar time when London fashion conquered the world. Under Felicity Green’s by-line comes stories of the stars of the ’60s – they’re all talking in this original book: Mary Quant, Barbara Hulanicki, Vidal Sassoon, Twiggy, Terry O’Neill, and a sparkling foreword by Barbara Hulanicki, of Biba fame, tells the story of a fashion collaboration/friendship whose gingham dress made fashion history. The ‘Big Names’ from the ’60s are all here in this fun, entertaining and informative book which tells it how it really was; revel in close-up and very personal recollections.

Sex Sense and Nonsense is an amusing, revealing look at the ’60s as you’ve never seen them before. “Felicity Green was as much responsible for putting the swing into the ’60s as any of us including Mary Quant and me!” Vidal Sassoon “If it weren’t for Felicity and our gingham frock, my life would have been quite different.” Barbara Hulanicki “I plunged in to the London ’60s scene and broke all the rules – for me fashion is not frivolous, it’s part of being alive. Felicity at the Daily Mirror understood this – and understood me.” Mary Quant “Felicity was the journalist who first put ’60s fashions in newspapers.

She recognised our scene and its potential to influence and change fashion and she put us all together, the models, the photographers with the clothes and hairstyles we all wanted to wear – and Felicity made it news.” Terry O’Neill “The Daily Mirror fashion pages looked like Felicity had kidnapped the Vogue art editor.” Shirley Conran


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