Sprout Picking, Monmouthshire Print by Evelyn Dunbar

Artist(s): Evelyn Dunbar
Medium: Giclée print on 310gms thick, 100% cotton rag paper
Number of Editions: 950
Framed: no
Print Size: 40cm x 41cm
Paper Size: 53cm x 53cm

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The foggy light of an early winter’s evening; a weak sun in a cream and grey sky, and a gathering of women – members of the Land Army – picking sprouts in Monmouthshire. Painted whilst Britain was at war, in constant threat of enemy invasion, the regimented rows of sprouts, the carefully pruned fruit trees and serrated greenhouses are all reminiscent of army order and discipline. And whilst the work is no doubt backbreaking, there is an attitude of confident diligence appropriate to the times, early in the war as it was, in this neat and captivating print.



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