‘Still Life (The Grey Fan)’ Print by FCB Cadell


Artist(s): FCB Cadell
Medium: High-Quality Digital Print
Framed: no
Print Size: 64cm (h) x 48cm (w)
Paper Size: 80cm (w) x 64cm (w)

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Cadell studied in Paris and lived in Munich before settling in his native Edinburgh around 1909. Cadell’s pre-war work is influenced by the Impressionists. From around 1920, his work became brighter and bolder. Cadell employed a limited stock of objects in his still lifes with the fan and the ceramics seen here reappearing in several other works. The painting is undated, but the steeply banked perspective and decorative sense of pattern are typical of his work of the early 1920s. Cadell painted a series of colourful still lifes, which caused some controversy when first exhibited.


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