Tadao Ando: Complete Works (2006)

ISBN: 978-3822821640
Artist(s): Tadao Ando
Author(s): Philip Jodidio
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2006
Publisher: Taschen
Total Pages: 492
Illustrations: Lavishly illustrated


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Philippe Starck describes him as a “”mystic in a country which is no longer mystic.”” Drew Philip calls his buildings “”land art”” that “”struggle to emerge from the earth.”” He is the only architect to have won the discipline’s four most prestigious prizes: the Pritzker, Carlsberg, Praemium Imperiale, and Kyoto Prize. His name is Tadao Ando, and he is the world’s greatest living architect. Combining influences from Japanese tradition with the best of Modernism, Ando has developed a completely unique building aesthetic that makes use of concrete, wood, water, light, space, and nature in a way that has never been witnessed in architecture. Ando has designed award-winning private homes, churches, museums, apartment complexes, and cultural spaces throughout Japan, as well as in France, Italy, Spain, and the USA. This book, created at the height of Ando’s illustrious career, presents his complete works to date. Condition: very good.


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