The Blue Conventions (1956) (Feliks Topolski)

Artist(s): Feliks Topolski
Format: paperback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 1956
Publisher: CBS Television
Total Pages: Approx 45
Illustrations: Lavishly illustrated throughout


1 available

“The Blue Conventions” is a book created by Polish-born British artist Feliks Topolski, commissioned by CBS Television to document the 1956 U.S. national political conventions through his unique, expressive illustrations. Topolski, known for his rapid and vivid sketching style, captured the dynamic and chaotic atmosphere of the conventions, producing a visual record that emphasized the energy and movement of the events rather than a purely realistic portrayal”. Condition: Paper covers a little worn to extremities. Small stain to centre right edge of front cover and one to centre left edge, otherwise very good.


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