The Elf, Winter Number, no. 72 of 250


Artist(s): James Guthrie
Format: hardback
Edition: 72 of 250
Year published: 1904
Publisher: Old Bourne Press
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: Unpaginated
Illustrations: Illustrated throughout in black and white.

1 available

The Elf: A Sequence of the Seasons is a series of four slim volumes about the seasons issued between 24 May 1902 (spring) and 6 February 1904 (winter); 250 copies were produced of each issue. Each volume comprises a mixture of prose and poetry accompanied by full-page illustrations. The artist and writer is James Guthrie (1874-1952), a Scottish-born artist, printer and bookplate designer who had founded The Elf with W.B. Macdougall as a journal in 1899. Guthrie was a leading wood engraver associated with the development of private presses and the return to romanticism in design. His art work shows the influence in its mood of Romantic visionaries William Blake, Edward Calvert and Samuel Palmer; to their mood Guthrie added his own tempestuous eddying waters, wild skies and curly trees. These issues of The Elf appeared with the Old Bourne Press, a private press founded by W. Herbert Broome in 1902 at Holborn.

In very good out of print condition.


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