The Etchings of Wilfred Fairclough

ISBN: 9780859678469
Artist(s): Wilfred Fairclough
Author(s): Ian Lowe
Format: hardback
Year published: 1990
Publisher: Lund Humphries
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 112
Illustrations: Includes 185 reproductions, 48 of which are in duotone.


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This Catalogue Raisonné is compiled by Wilfred Fairclough himself and is an unique record of the 140 published etchings and engravings editioned by the author since 1932. Wilfred Fairclough’s print making is widely respected by fellow professional artists and his works – especially those depicting life and art in Venice – are enthusiastically sought by print collectors. It describes his early years, his work at the Royal College of Art between 1931 and 1934, , and then his three years as holder of the Rome Scholarship in Engraving in Italy and Spain. His career as a teacher at Kingston School of Art, during which he continued to produce an etching or two a year, was followed by a very active period after his retirement in 1972. His return to Europe in the Summer of 1961 led onto a series of subjects inspired by the drawings he made in Venice and Lucerne. His later subjects are chiefly figurative either of single performances in which the details of the performers and their instruments are combined with the setting and Venetian architecture. Condition: Fine

This catalogue of Wilfred Fairclough’s etchings is based on his own comprehensive record. All of the etchings are reproduced: 48 in duotone near to their actual size and 137 as small scale reproductions listed in the catalogue.

This handsomely produced book is illustrated by 48 prints reproduced in duotone in large format and there are small scale reproductions of each one of the 137 prints listed in the catalogue.


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