The Graphic Work of Edward Wadsworth


ISBN: 0954318501
Artist(s): Edward Wadsworth
Author(s): Jeremy Greenwood and Richard Cork
Format: hardback
Edition: First
Year published: 2002
Publisher: Fleece Press
Publisher Location: Woodbridge
Total Pages: 112 pages
Illustrations: 159 illustrations, 109 in colour

Artist(s) Biographies:

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During eight years from 1913, Wadsworth produced over 50 woodcuts, and, from 1919, five lithographs, a couple of etchings, and 23 copper engravings for the book Sailing-ships and Barges of the Western Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas. The woodcuts are of great interest in themselves and also because of the variety of subjects that caught Wadsworth’s imagination: harbours, the industrial valleys of his childhood, the Greek island on which he was stationed during the war, the dazzle-camouflaged ships, and the Black Country. For each subject he found a distinctive artistic language that was rarely used elsewhere. Nearly half the woodcuts are in colour – two, three or four printings. The book includes 49 colour reproductions of them (seven variants of one woodcut alone). Each of the prints is reproduced (many are in colour) in the original size – a few have had to be reduced to fit the page size.

Condition: Fine in slipcase


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