The Protest Box (edited by Martin Parr)

ISBN: 9783869301426
Artist(s): Various
Author(s): Martin Parr (Editor)
Format: hardback
Year published: 2011
Publisher: Steidl Publishers
Publisher Location: Göttingen, Germany
Total Pages: 888
Illustrations: Illustrated in tritone throughout


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Martin Parr’s collection of photobooks is one of the finest to have ever been assembled and The Protest Box is a box set which brings together five books from that collection as facsimile reprints. Parr has selected diverse books which each deal with the subject of protest in quite different ways. From the documentation of various protest movements to the actual book being a form of protest, all these reprints are gems within the history of photographic publishing.

A few are known but many are new, even to the connoisseur of photography books. All these books are virtually impossible to locate, so these reprints will make a substantial contribution to our understanding of this sub-genre of the photobook. The box set is accompanied by a booklet which includes an introduction by Martin Parr, an essay discussing the wider context of these books by Gerry Badger, and English translations of all the texts in the books.

Enrique Bostelmann America: un Viaje a traves de la injustica First published in 1970 by Siglo XXI Editores, Mexico City; Bostelmann, a Mexican photographer, journeyed through Latin America looking for examples of injustice, such as the exploitation of indigenous Indians who were forced into factories and menial jobs. Paolo Gasparini Para verte major, America Latina First published in 1972 by Siglo XXI Editores, Mexico City; Gasparini, an Italian born photographer who has lived in Caracas most of his life, traversed Latin America to document the contrast between communism and capitalism. The book also documents and uses graffiti and graphics to emphasis his polemic.

Dirk Alvermann Algeria First published in 1961 in Berlin, GDR; Alvermann, a photographer originally born in West Germany, published his book about both sides of the Algerian conflict in East Berlin. The radical design was inspired by Russian film stills. Kitai Kazuo Sanrizuka First published in 1971 by Nora-Sha, Tokyo; a classic protest book which shows the huge popular uprising inspired by the proposed building of Narita airport.

Paolo Mattioli and Anna Candiani Immagini del No First published in 1974 by Occhio Magico No 11, Milan; this small format book documented various protests in Italy, from the Feminist Movement to Anti-Fascism marches.


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