Time and Place: Notes on the Art of Calendars


ISBN: 9781908213808
Artist(s): Various
Author(s): Alexandra Harris
Format: hardback
Year published: 5 November 2019
Publisher: Little Toller
Total Pages: 112
Illustrations: Illustrated in colour throughout

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Dates are invented things. Nothing in nature decrees that today is today. But for millennia humans have divided time into portions, and given those portions names which are shared widely across cultures, creating a common agreement on the date.

This convention is useful in practical ways: we can make arrangements and can communicate time elapsed or time ahead. But the calendar also makes a certain kind of truth and establishes that today is today. As calendars and almanacs developed, art from their specific time and place was naturally incorporated.

In this small book showcasing the finest and most interesting art that has gone into almanacs, from the eight century onwards, Alexandra Harris brings in everything from Benedictine calendars to Old Moore’s Almanack.


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