Two Weeks in Another Town (1960) (Dust-jacket Design by Hans Tisdall)

Artist(s): Hans Tisdall
Author(s): Irwin Shaw
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 1960
Publisher: Jonathan Cape
Total Pages: 413


1 available

Dust-jacket designed by Hans Tisdall. World War II derailed John Andrus’s acting career. Marred by a facial scar and burdened by a new family, Andrus works for NATO in Paris. A producer from his past shows up with an attractive acting job—involving two weeks in Rome and a hefty salary. How can he pass it up? In Rome, Andrus quickly realizes that the job is not at all what he expected. Bounced between movie sets, directors, producers, and women, he grows more uncertain of his future with each passing day. Condition: some light wear to top and both of cloth spine. Wrapper a little dust marked, otherwise very good.


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