Vanessa Bell: Portrait of the Bloomsbury Artist

ISBN: 9781784532413
Artist(s): Vanessa Bell
Author(s): Frances Spalding
Format: paperback
Year published: 2015
Publisher: Tauris Parke
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 416
Illustrations: 32 pages of black and white plates

Author(s) Biographies:


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Vanessa Bell is central to the history of the Bloomsbury Group, yet until this authorised biography was written, she largely remained a silent and inscrutable figure. Tantalising glimpses of her life appeared mainly in her sister, Virginia Woolf’s, letters, diaries and biography. Frances Spalding here draws upon a mass of unpublished documents to reveal Bell’s extraordinary achievements in both her art and her life. She recounts in vivid detail how Bell’s move into the Bloomsbury Group and her exposure to Paris and the radical art of the Post-Impressionists ran parrallel with an increasingly unorthodox personal life that spun in convoluted threads between her marriage to Clive Bell, her affair with Roger Fry, her friendship with Duncan Grant and relationship with her sister.


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