‘Wood Engraver’s Tower’ Print by Anne Desmet RA

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Artist(s): Anne Desmet
Medium: Wood Engraving on Japanese Gampi Vellum paper
Number of Editions: 45
Signed: Yes
Framed: no
Print Size: 18.5cm (h) x 20.5cm (w)
Paper Size: 24.8 (h) x 29.9cm (w)

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Wood engraving on Japanese Gampi Vellum paper. From an edition of 45.

Anne Desmet RA specializes in wood engraving, linocut, lithography and collage. Her subject matter pulls in two directions: one essentially topographical/architectural yet with buildings subject to metamorphoses relating to changing light, weather and the passage of time; the other concerned with intuitive architectural fantasies and epic urban myths/histories of destruction and regeneration such as the biblical Tower of Babel. Desmet aims to evoke both the timeless solidity of historic architectural structures and their impermanence and vulnerability. Her complex, highly detailed images are imbued with wry humour about the hubris and potential folly of unchecked human ambition.

2 reviews for ‘Wood Engraver’s Tower’ Print by Anne Desmet RA

  1. Jos (verified owner)

    A beautiful and wonderfully engraved woodblock a master at work.

  2. Jos (verified owner)

    Bought this engraving a few weeks ago, it’s now framed and up on my wall. It’s beautiful a wonderful piece of work, incredible it is from a woodblock.

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