Yvonne Skargon (2024)

Artist(s): Yvonne Skargon
Author(s): Jim Maslem
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2024
Publisher: Fleece Press
Total Pages: 127
Illustrations: Lavishly illustrated


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One of the leading wood engravers during the final third of the twentieth century, Yvonne Skargon is particularly known for her landscapes, cats and an innate love of flowers and gardens. She studied at Colchester School of Art where she was taught by John O’Connor and Blair Hughes-Stanton, and then started work at Cowell’s in Ipswich. Before she established her printmaking, and later a teaching career, she worked as a very good typographer, particularly in book jacket designs.

Jim Maslen traces Yvonne’s career, with great skill: Yvonne died in 2010 and this portrait of her has been built up from the documents (for example, 375 dustjackets which she designed), and prints found in her garage. With her husband John Commander she lived happily in Lavenham, surrounded by cats and a wonderful courtyard garden, which in turn inspired the engravings that we admire, and her beautiful paintings. Memoirs by Sue Scullard, Elly Robinson, Miranda Mott and Andrew Davidson enhance the record.


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