Zoo for Zanies (Val Biro Dust-Jacket and Illustrations) (Ronald Blythe Interest)

Artist(s): BIRO
Author(s): Nicholas Husk (Edited by Johnathan Curling)
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 1952
Publisher: James Barrie
Total Pages: 149
Illustrations: Illustrated with 60 drawings by Biro


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Nicholas Husk, also known as “The Oyster Poet,” was a self-educated seaman known for his whimsical and didactic verse, often reflecting his deep connection to nature and his unique maritime experiences. His work, including the book “Zoo for Zanies,” showcases his distinctive voice and humour, earning him a special place among poets who celebrate the natural world with a playful touch. Verses selected by Husk’s literary executor, Jonathan Curling. Signed by Curling to front endpaper and inscribed by him to Ronald Blythe: To Ronald Blythe from Jonathan Curling Nov 8 1952. Condition: Dust-wrapper worn and slightly foxed with some chipping loss to top and tail of spine. Endpapers toned, otherwise very good.


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