Adam Fuss

ISBN: 9781891024764
Artist(s): Adam Fuss
Author(s): Thomas Kellein
Format: Hardback
Edition: -
Year published: 2003
Publisher: D.A.P./ Distributed Art Publishers Inc
Publisher Location: New York
Total Pages: 112
Illustrations: Includes 112 Colour Images


“With Jacques-Louis Daguerre, William Talbot Fox, Etienne Jules-Marey and William Blake as his predecessors, Adam Fuss creates photograms and daguerreotypes that evoke a general poetic and spiritual vision similar to urbanites of the 1800s, people who have lost contact with nature and God. While technically seeking to refine the beginnings of photography, Fuss attempts, in the 100 new works presented here, to record life and death. Colourful spirals created by pendulums lead into great depths; snakes create geometric waves in water; loving pairs of rabbits appear in silhouette; a hunched woman cries; sunflowers sprout withered leaves and broken stems; otherwise placid water bears the concentric marks of water drops; the shadows of silvery children’s clothing hover in mid-air; light reflects on birds in flight–and all, for Fuss, mark the simultaneous presence and absence of the corporeal under the title My Ghost”.


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