‘Iona Croft’ Print by FCB Cadell


Artist(s): FCB Cadell
Medium: High-Quality Digital Print
Framed: no
Print Size: 64cm (h) x 53cm (w)
Paper Size: 80cm (h) x 69cm (w)

1 available

Cadell first visited the island of Iona, off the west coast of Scotland, in 1912. Thereafter he returned frequently, often in the company of Peploe. Cadell’s paintings show everyday life on the island such as the brightly-roofed building seen here, and he felt the light was of the same quality as that in the south of France. Like Peploe, Cadell found the tranquillity of the island a welcome break from his life in Edinburgh. His canvases of island scenes, painted in bold colours with block-like brushstrokes, were easy to sell when he returned to the city.


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