Jem Southam: The Pond at Upton Pyne (SIGNED)

Artist(s): Jem Southam
Format: hardback
Year published: March 11 2024
Publisher: Imagebeeld Editions
Illustrations: Illustrated throughout


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Signed by the photographer.

The pond at Upton Pyne formed at the site of an eighteenth-century manganese mine.

Located on land owned by a local family who were involved in the mining venture, the first excavations began in March 1788. It was originally an open-cast mine employing just a few men who worked with ladders, picks, shovels, horses and carts. The quality of the ore in the load was rich, and once refined it was shipped from Exeter Quay to London and Bristol, where it was used predominantly in the production of glass. After a bright start the output of the mine steadily diminished and by 1823 it had ceased production, leaving a large pit, shallow on the east side near the road and becoming deeper towards the west, where it is overhung by a cliff.

The pictures present a collection of histories. Within the broad sweep of time they encompass a thousand years of a large estate on the borders of a city that has since Roman times been a regional capital; the comings and goings of the Industrial Revolution; the decline of agricultural life with the advent of modern farming; and the urbanisation of village life.


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