Jonny Hannah: Greetings from Darktown


ISBN: 9781858946191
Artist(s): Jonny Hannah
Author(s): Philip Hoare, Peter Chrisp and Sheena Calvert
Format: hardback
Year published: 2014
Publisher: Merrell
Total Pages: 192
Illustrations: 300 colour illustrations

Artist(s) Biographies:

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The illustrator Jonny Hannah was born and bred in Scotland, and now lives by the sea in Southampton, but he also resides in Darktown – a mysterious coastal town, not found on any map, peopled by pin-up girls, jazz artists and tattooed sailors. Darktown is home to the Unquiet Grave junk emporium; the Mermaid Café, where folk legend Woody Guthrie still plays each week; McVouty’s vintage clothes shop; and a pier with a condemned helter skelter. Joining Hannah on his trip to downtown Darktown are the writers Philip Hoare and Peter Chrisp, who explore the eclectic influences on Hannah’s work, and Sheena Calvert, who introduces a special typographic catalogue of hand-drawn lettering. As he tours Darktown, Hannah presents his prints and paintings in thematic chapters reflecting his passions, and bids farewell to his alter ego, Rocket Man, who inhabits the darkest corners of pop culture.

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