Man Ray: Portraits

ISBN: 9782844264824
Artist(s): Man Ray
Author(s): Quentin Bajac, Clement Cheroux
Format: Hardback
Edition: -
Year published: 2010
Publisher: Pompidou Centre
Publisher Location: Paris
Total Pages: 320
Illustrations: Includes 496 illustrations, 21 in colour


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Picasso, Duchamp, Cocteau, Chanel: Man Ray photographed them all. In 1921, when he arrived in Paris, the American artist became a portrait photographer to earn a living. In his studio in Montparnasse, he photographed his friends as Dadaist and Surrealists rather than Americans or people of Paris fashion, entertainment and cinema. It wasn’t until returning to America during the war in 1940 that he began to photograph actors and stars of the era, which continued upon his return to the French capital in 1951.

This book includes a vast collection of portrait negatives given to the Pompidou centre from the studio of Man Ray during the early 1990s, over 500 images reproduced.


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