Matrix 18: A review for printers and bibliophiles. Winter 1998.

Author(s): Randle, J. and R. (editors)
Format: paperback
Year published: 1998
Publisher: Whittington Press
Total Pages: 236
Illustrations: Illustrated


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Contents – Typographer and Comp, by Michael Clapham; Jan Tschichold, An Afterword, by Ruari McLean; Ben Nicholson and Printing, by Alan Powers; LA Type, by Wm Erik Voss; The Fanfare Press, by David McKitterick; Photography and the Visual Arts, by Olive Cook; Bruce Rogers and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Michael Johnson; Rachel Reckitt: Letters from the Blitz, by Hal Bishop; Characters in Search of an Author, by Brian Webb; Memories of Joseph Thorp, by Jonah Jones; Gravure at Thames and Hudson, By Ian Mackenzie-Kerr; Zodiaque and Heliogravure, by Sheila Hönigsberg; Forging Links at the Latin Press: Some Letters between Guido Morris and Will Ransom, edited by Roderick Cave; My First Years as a Printer, by Guido Morris; Researching the Revival of the Fell Types, by Martyn Ould and Martyn Thomas; An English Printer in Paris, by Michael Caine; The Significance of Sixteen-point Body, by Theo Rehak; A Curious View of Book Design at the University Printing House in Cambridge, 1939-56, by John Dreyfus; The Papermaking Girls of the Maqattam Garbage Settlement, by Maureen Richardson; From Pink Order to Blue Label, by Michael Black; Dinner with the Wangs: Ceremonial Papers of the Chinese, Part 3, by Roderick Cave; Type for Books, and Books for Type, by Sebastian Carter; A Sentimental Typographic Journey, by Paul Hayden Duensing; The Ultimate Type Specimen Book, by Roy Millington; Enid Marx, R.D.I, by Alan Powers; Fabrics for Hard Wear, by Enid Marx; Edward Craig, by John Randle; Rewriting History? Observations on the Centenary Issue of The Monotype Recorder, by Dan Carr; Private Press Books 1997: a Review, by David Chambers; Book Reviews, by Simon Lawrence, David McKitterick, Glenn Storhaug, John Craig, John Randle and David Esslemont.  Fine


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