‘Pattern Paper No 22’ Wood Engraving by Paul Nash

Artist(s): Paul Nash
Medium: Wood Engraving
Framed: no
Print Size: 9.5cm (h) x 9.5cm (w)
Paper Size: 15cm (h) x 21cm (w)Fir

Artist(s) Biographies:


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Original wood engraving by Paul Nash (1927). From an edition of 45. This is one of the trial proofs taken from the original block in the V & A by Ian Mortimer for Garton and Cooke in 1985.

‘First published in A Specimen Book of Pattern Papers. This was one of thirty-one pattern papers commissioned by the Curwen Press from contemporary artists and included in this book. The book aimed to promote the revival of pattern paper production, then and subsequently chiefly used as covers for books. Nash’s are amongst the finest examples, in which, as here with his bold use of a three dimensional step and lozenge design, he deliberately flaunts the traditional confines of the two dimensional page.’


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