The Life of Henry Moore

ISBN: 9781900357227
Artist(s): Henry Moore
Author(s): Roger Berthoud
Format: paperback
Edition: Second revised and updated
Year published: First published 2003
Publisher: Giles de la Mare Publishers
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 560
Illustrations: Includes 196 black and white illustrations

Artist(s) Biographies:


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Henry Moore’s rise from Yorkshire miner’s son to international acclaim as the twentieth century’s greatest sculptor is one of the most remarkable stories in British art. In this revised, updated, expanded and redesigned new edition of The Life of Henry Moore, Roger Berthoud charts Moore’s transition from controversial young modernist to pillar of the art-world establishment, garlanded with domestic and foreign honours. His account is enriched by the weekly interviews he did with Moore — and his wife Irina — before the sculptor’s death in 1986, aged eighty-eight.

At home and abroad Moore’s sculptures aroused strong passions and were often the object of abuse, sharp criticism and even physical assault, as well as of admiration. He was attacked by younger artists, among others, who saw his growing fame as an obstacle to their advancement. He was to survive the ebb and flow in his reputation, and emerge with the status of a contemporary old master.

From a mass of material, including recently discovered early letters, and interviews with Moore’s friends, his former assistants and students, dealers, collectors, museum officials and leading architects with whom he worked, Roger Berthoud has built up a lively and engaging though not uncritical picture of Moore’s long life and career in this definitive biography.


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