The Trials of Art

ISBN: 9781905464036
Author(s): edited by Daniel McClean
Format: paperback
Year published: 2007
Publisher: Ridinghouse
Total Pages: 308


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Who should have the authority to determine what is art: artists, critics and curators, or lawyers, judges and juries? Should artistic expression be immune from legal and ethical constraints? SHould the law always protect artists and art works?

Since the Renaissance, artists have appeared in trials as claimants, asserting their rights, and as defendants who have violated the law. This collection of newly commissioned essays from leading art historians, lawyers and cultural theorists examines many significant trials involving artist: trials in which artists have sought to use the law to protect their art and their reputation (including Whistler, Brancusi, Serra and Buchel), and trials in which artists and curators have experienced censorship by church and state.

Capturing the fascinating drama of these trials, this book charts their influence upon the development of art and the shaping of the law, also considering wider issues – the position of the artist in relation to society, the power to determine how images are created and viewed and the struggle between individual expression and collective beliefs.


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