Walter Keeler (2004)

ISBN: 978-1900941716
Artist(s): Walter Keeler
Author(s): Emmanual Cooper and Amanda Fielding
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2004
Publisher: Denbighshire County Council Ruthin Craft Centre
Total Pages: 104
Illustrations: Profusely illustrated


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‘Walter Keeler makes ambitious, intelligent functional pots. These qualities stem from his passion for history, for craft and for stories told through everyday things. As a child he unearthed broken pots on the banks of the Thames and was fascinated to learn how they were made and used. As a student and teacher during the early sixties, he found himself at the heart of the emerging and vibrant studio pottery movement. Today, with over forty years of making and teaching to his name, he continues to delight us with his distinctive approach to salt and earthenware glazes, which clothe the pots in tactile and tempting colours and textures. His work can be found in museum collections around the world, as well as our kitchens and dining rooms. For many, Walter Keeler’s pots represent the very best in contemporary studio pottery, combining the skills of a craftsperson with an individual voice’. Julia Pitts. Essays by Emmanuel Cooper and Amanda Fielding. Condition: very good.


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