William Blake’s Universe (2024)

ISBN: 9781781301272
Artist(s): William Blake
Author(s): Esther Chadwick (Author), David Bindman (Author)
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2024
Publisher: Philip Wilson Publishers
Total Pages: 224
Illustrations: Profusely illustrated


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A beautifully illustrated book that explores William Blake’s relationship with Europe against a backdrop of political turmoil.

Responding to revolution and war in Europe, enslavement and exploitation in European colonies, and repression and reaction at home in Britain, William Blake (1757–1827) produced an astonishing body of work that combined criticism of the contemporary world with a vision for universal redemption.

Blake has always been seen as a distinctly English figure but, in reality, his art at all periods of his career is profoundly involved with Europe, as a source of his images and as a vision of the past, present and future of humanity. This richly illustrated book, published alongside an exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum, explores the vital ingredients of Blake’s work and draws parallels with the ambitions of his artist contemporaries in Europe, most notably the German artist Philipp Otto Runge. In doing so the editors and contributors show that Blake was not alone in looking to art to build the world anew in the face of shattering political crises.


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